Who are we

Watsinit is India’s First Educational research company & endeavours to pioneer educational research globally. The idea was started with like minded friends with acclaimed technological prowess & it got perfected with support from best in class academicians around India. We constantly interact with the foremost thinkers in the domain & we ourselves do significant research on revamping educational aspects. Our research spans on all levels of education starting from Kindergarten to Engineering level. Our products, with contemporary technology, strive to bring the best out of the students and educational institutions.

What we do

As the name implies, our curious nature drives us to develop disruptive concepts. Currently we have 3 products in our factory floor. All the three products are impactful for the educational society in their very nature, the statement is given by many educationist & not just our zeal. Currently we are spending all our focus on stabilizing the three products in the market. Once the stability is achieved we will churn out more products to revolutionize the way education is perceived.

Our Team

Nataraj Pinakapani,Co- Founder & Chief Executive Officer    

Nataraj has a decade long experience in technology companies, half of which was spent in a start-up company. He is well-versed in handling financial, legal and strategic affairs of the company. His number crunching ability is invaluable in setting up business plans, handling operations & strategizing finance in Watsinit.

T. Sankaranarayanan, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer    

Sankar was born in a business family & is the go to guy for almost everything at Watsinit. He has a unique experience of teaching engineering graduates before taking up his family business, which he grew almost 3 times both in size & revenue. His strive for perfection in teaching made him to hand over the family business to his brother & lay the stepping stone for Watsinit.

At Watsinit he takes care of Operations, Finance & Business development. He is passionate about bike riding & frequently explores interesting destinations.