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With our world class software platform you can implement OBE with ease and Accreditation reports are just a click away

Products Crafted for Aspiring Academia

Unmatched Solutions from Kindergarten to Engineering

Researching from across the world we identify the best feasible educational practices & implement the same with tweaks, so that it suits Indian system.

Method that works somewhere can’t always work here. After implementation, detail data is collected on whether the method is effective for a student in meeting their requirements. If not, we involve in making changes to the process or the method itself.

Emphasis on Brain Based Learning

We concentrate on methods which enhances learning capability, by providing the info in a way our brain likes.

Our products are designed to give learners more than just a visual comprehension of tough concepts. Learners will have their psychomotor & social skills team up to make their learning more enjoyable.

We design the products to meet the above challenging task & as inferred it spans across domain & age group

Outcome Based Education & Accreditation

We offer a unmatched tool to swiftly implement Outcome Based Education in an institution. Report Analytics as Incisive Note aka RAIN differentiates itself by focussing on accreditation enablement along with OBE

Apart from multitude of features, RAIN with its unique architecture enables Immediate accreditation with yesteryear data.

For more details refer to the RAIN product page