Fully Integrated Accreditation Management System with OBE focus

For Accreditation & Outcome Based Education

Outstanding tool to automate your accreditation task along with documentation intensive OBE. Greatly satisfies all the academic criterias of accreditation, no more paperwork hassles.

Versatile Tools

RAIN is developed with versatile of features to implement OBE with both direct & Indirect assessment tools. Key insights of what affects the outcome can be obtained from mountain of data. All conventional assessment methods is available along with Surveys & Rubrics. Whats more, most of them are user configurable

Supreme Technical Caliber

Advanced Database Management system & state of the art cloud servers with 99.99% uptime having CMM-Level 5 certified data recovery. Highly secured system equivalent to banking & financial institutions. Platform independent tool works across Operating Systems & Browsers.

Research, Research & more Research

RAIN is created & reviewed along with nations best OBE experts at every stage. Multiple research inputs are converted as usable feature set for the tool. With the amount of focus, Outcome Based Education will be revolutionised in the near future with our tool

Tailor Made Features & Reports

Tailor made for Indian Educational Institutes in accordance with NBA & Washington Accord. We understand that tuning of reports & features are always required, we are equipped to overcome that challenge. With exceptional notification engine & reporting Continuos Improvement is well placed.